I'm speed networking today with a group of students who want to know what it's like being a crime writer

I’m participating in a speed networking event with pupils from Springfield School in Portsmouth this morning. It’s looking at the use of language in the workplace and is organised by the Education Business Partnership in Portsmouth who have recruited a number of business people from the area who use language in their profession.

The speed networking is taking place between 11.25 am and 12.25 pm with lunch afterwards. We ‘professionals’ each sit at a table and spend around 10 minutes with the group of students who ask us about our careers and then a whistle is blown and the next lot of students arrive at our table. This will happen 6 times within the hour. I think I might be hoarse and very weary by the end of it if it’s similar to the last time I did this event! Still, it's enjoyable and rewarding - though I'm not sure if the students think that - and I’ll have time to recover my voice before my next speaking engagement on 22 October, which is to the Society of Women Writers and Journalists.

Crime writer, Pauline Rowson at speed networking event with students in 2009


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