Sailing into and out of Portsmouth more ideas and fodder for crime novels

Three companies providing top notch cruises are to operate from Portsmouth Ferryport from next summer, which could make a good backdrop for a new Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel, although I doubt the cruise liner companies would be too thrilled with that! Still, I could always change the name. 

Brittany Ferry sailing into Portsmouth, UK
 In Portsmouth UK we already have the Brittany Ferries sailing to France and Spain and the Condor sailing to Guernsey, (as well as container and cargo ships, Isle of Wight ferries and a Royal Navy) now we're about to have Swan Hellenic, Herbridean Island Cruises and Voyages of Discovery, which is very good news for Portsmouth, not so good for neighbouring Southampton where they have switched from.  However, Southampton has the large cruise ships and is the UK's major cruise ship port, so there's room enough for all to share.

I always thought it would be great to give a lecture series on board one of the smaller specialist cruise liners and would be keen to do so, but having a murder on board one sounds a bit Agatha Christieish, not that there's anything wrong with that, of course and it  could be written differently. Perhaps the murder could take place just outside the harbour and Inspector Andy Horton and his team, along with Superintendent Uckfield, are called on board to solve it. There again I've toyed with the idea of a murder on a container ship, a smaller cast to handle and all the big container ships sailing out of Southampton travel through the Solent. But enough of that, I've got this Andy Horton novel to finish yet, number seven in the series and a deadline to meet so I'd better stop waffling and get on with it.  But I'll just tuck away a few ideas for later...


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