Anyone still dreaming of a White Christmas?

I managed to do a good chunk of writing over the weekend, in between making soup, bread, mince pies and doing a little Christmas shopping. Oh, and taking elderly mother out in the snow and ice to top up on her needs in case the snow stays around or we get more of it. Down here in the soft south, snow before Christmas is practically unheard of.  Yes, we've had the occasional flurry before the festive season but if we do get snow then it usually arrives after Christmas, sometimes on Boxing Day. The novelty now seems to have worn off, even the children aren't playing in the snow or building snowmen anymore; been there, done that, got the T shirt.

But back to the writing. The new Inspector Andy Horton crime novel is coming along a treat. I'm on second revisions and it's shaping up well. For those who have asked me there is a little more in this novel about Andy's quest to find out what happened to his mother after she walked out on him and disappeared from his life when he was ten. I hope to get a lot more writing done over the holiday period. Before that it's off to the Isle of Wight tomorrow (snow permitting) to present prizes to the adult winners of the Wight Fair Writers Circle Short Story Competition at a glittering awards reception in Newport, and then the Julian Clegg Christmas Party at the BBC Radio Solent studios on Christmas Eve.

Hopefully I'll be posting photographs of these events if they're not cancelled, otherwise you'll have to put up with boring shots of me in the snow! Anyone still dreaming of a white Christmas?


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