New editions of the Inspector Andy Horton Marine Mysteries and number six to be published next week

Dead Man's Wharf and Blood on the Sand will be published as unabridged audio books this year and available as downloads, as well as in CD and cassette format. Not sure when exactly they will be published but I think Dead Man's Wharf is in the Spring and Blood on the Sand later in the year. You can probably check on Amazon. I'm really pleased about this because audio books are great for those who are visually impaired, for busy people on the move, and for those who simply like to relax and listen to a good read.  I'm also delighted that Gordon Griffin is reading them. He reads my other Inspector Horton audio books: Deadly Waters and The Suffocating Sea.

In addition, Dead Man's Wharf is being published in Large Print on 24 February 2011.

And don't forget the new Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel, Footsteps on the Shore is being published in hardcover in a week's time on 27 January 2011.

You can pre-order all these titles online or through any bookshop. And they are available at your local Library - IF you're still going to be lucky enough to have a local library!


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