Interview with crime writer Pauline Rowson on Angel Radio, Isle of Wight, 31 March between 12.00 and 1pm

Next week I have an interview on Angel Radio, this time on the Isle of Wight rather than at my local Angel Radio Station in Havant. It's always great to be on Angel Radio and I'm looking forward to chatting to David Nove between 12.00 and 1pm on 31 March on 91.5 fm.

Angel Radio accentuates the positive aspects of being an older person and provides a radio station for older people to run themselves. It is unique in that it specializes in playing music made before1960.  It provides entertainment, information, reminiscence therapy, mental and physical stimulation, self-esteem, bereavement therapy, and friendly voices with natural personality, all produced by older people specifically for an audience aged 60 years and over. No other radio station in Europe provides this all encompassing service for older people.

But you don't have to be over 60 to be on the radio! or to listen to it and I know that many younger people really enjoying listening to the 'vintage music', much as they enjoy watching 'vintage films' and wearing 'vintage clothes.' I also know that Angel Radio has listeners all over the World including Europe, Australia and the USA.

I'll be chatting to David Nove about my police procedural crime novels featuring the flawed and rugged DI Inspector Andy Horton and my stand alone thriller novels, In Cold Daylight and In For The Kill on Thursday 31 March between 12.00 and 1pm on or listen via the Angel Radio website.

Blood on the Sand, a DI Andy Horton crime novel is set on the Isle of Wight.

In For the Kill  a fast-paced, action-packed thriller is also set on the Isle of Wight.


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