New survey shows that high-earners like to read crime thriller novels, which is good news for crime authors

Crime novels are the most popular reading material among company bosses, according to a survey carried out by Volunteer Reading Help, which is an encouraging thought, for a crime writer, anyway.

The article in the London Evening Standard reported that thirty six per cent of executives read crime thrillers in their spare time with 23 per cent prefering action or adventure novels. They didn't give the gender breakdown but I'm delighted to say that my crime novels and thrillers are read by both men and women.

Volunteer Reading Help surveyed 500 people who earn more than £70,000 to explore the link between reading and success. Most of them read for pleasure but only 10 per cent said they had developed the habit as a child.

You can read the full article here:
High-earners like to read crime thriller novels - Get London Reading - News - Evening Standard


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