DI Andy Horton (10) finished and sent to my publisher

It's always a scary moment when I press 'send' on the keyboard and a completed MS for a new crime novel wings its way through the ether to my publisher, Severn House. I wonder could I have done better?  Should I have rephrased something or added or omitted something? But it's done. DI Andy Horton number ten has been completed and dispatched. Now I wait to see if they like it. Fingers crossed.

I won't reveal  what it is about or the title yet but will save that until after I hear from my publisher.  Meanwhile it's on with the next crime novel which I have already begun researching and fleshing out the characters and although I am working on DI Andy Horton number eleven I am also working on a new crime series featuring a new hero. But don't worry Andy Horton will be back.

Meanwhile you can enjoy his exploits in the latest in the series, Undercurrent, which is now available in hard cover to buy and on loan from libraries in the UK and Commonweatlh, those of you in America will have to wait a little longer because it comes out in the USA on 1 May 2013.


When naval historian Dr Douglas Spalding is found dead in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard, the Major Crime Team is adamant it is suicide. Detective Inspector Horton is not so sure. Then another body is found in similar circumstances and Horton is convinced they’re looking at murder; but not so his bosses.  Angry and frustrated at the lack of investigation, Horton goes out on a limb to prove he’s right. Whichever way he turns, he finds the deaths have all the hallmarks of a cover up at the highest level, but who is behind it and why? Soon Horton begins to find disturbing similarities with his own private investigations into the disappearance of his mother thirty years ago. As he gets closer to the truth someone is determined to prevent the it from ever coming out, even if means death . . .


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