DI Andy Horton fans wanted answers to some questions

I was delighted to meet up with some fervent DI Andy Horton fans at Wokingham Library, where I gave a talk on 27 June, and to have the opportunity to introduce the flawed and rugged detective and my other crime novels to some new readers.

Pauline Rowson explaining how she writes her crime novels

I talked about how I plot and research my crime novels, how I develop the characters and where I draw my inspiration from, which is the area in which the novels are set, the Solent area on the South Coast of England.

There were lots of questions from the audience including:

'Is there going to be a thing between Andy Horton and Dr Gaye Clayton, the pathologist?'  

'Will Andy find out what happened to his mother after she disappeared in 1978?'

'Will Andy age during the novels or will be stay fortiesh forever?'

'How many in the series do you envisage writing?'

And a plea - 'Please don't kill him off.'

No, I won't. Not yet anyway, not for a long time, maybe not ever. And the answers to the other questions?  Well, you'll just have to read the novels to find out!

My thanks to Wokingham Library for organising the event and to the audience for coming along to hear me talk.  It was lovely meeting you all.


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