Monday, 11 January 2021

The Page 69 Test - Read the extract from DI Andy Horton, DEAD MAN'S WHARF by Pauline Rowson

Dead Man's Wharf, Inspector Andy Horton crime novel

 The first I heard of the Page 69 Test was when a member of the public approached me in a bookshop where I was doing a book signing and said she always applied it when deciding which crime novel to purchase. She didn’t buy one of my novels so I’d obviously failed to reach her exacting standards, whatever they were! I can't recall which crime novel it was or when but I have applied the Page 69 Test to some of my crime novels including the Inspector Andy Horton procedurals, A KILLING COAST (7) and SHROUD OF EVIL (11). This time, as it is January and DEAD MAN'S WHARF is set in January I've applied it to this crime novel.

Read the extract - Page 69 of DEAD MAN'S WHARF

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