Wonderful Worthing

I like the people of Worthing. They turned out at the library last Thursday to hear me talk about my Marine Mysteries, bless them. What a lovely audience, so appreciative and so interested. The event, organised by the hard working staff at the library, was very successful. I also sold some books. Many thanks to Mike Morten who organised and attended the event and to Chris, whose surname I don't know.

I am a great supporter of libraries. They perform such a valuable function in the community. Coming from a non book household if it hadn't been for my local library in Baffins, Portsmouth when I was a child then I might never have discovered the wonderful world of books and become an avid reader and writer. I think it is shameful that the government are cutting the library budgets to buy books.

I am giving a talk at Portsmouth Library on Wednesday to the volunteers who take books to the housebound and to the teenage reading group. Looking forward to it. Now I am off to an independent bookshop in Ringwood, Hampshire, to do a signing. Bye for now.

Results of the votes on the jacket cover for Deadly Harbour coming soon.


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