Here's another golden one!

The popularity of the golden age of crime novels seem to be far from dead, if the comments I have received are anything to go by. Readers still like a good mystery without necessarily all the gore and the hard-boiled stuff. So here's another of my favourites, Blood Upon The Snow by Hilda Lawrence. ( What a great title too). She was an American author whose real name was Hildegarde Kronmiller, which sounds as if she had Germanic ancestry. She published her first book in 1946. I have yet to read her others and suspect I will have trouble tracking them down. Interestingly, she describes her work as 'a novel with a little violence in it'. She says she 'keeps away from police procedure because I hate research, and I keep away from hard-boiled because I don't know the lingo. ' The result, certainly with Blood Upon The Snow, is a sinister, atmospheric tale expertly told.

I've just come across a list of John Dickson Carr novels. Xavier recommended I try them. I'm going to get my friendly local bookseller to track down some of these for me, ready for my Christmas reading.


Martin Edwards said…
'Death of a Doll' by Hilda Lawrence is very good. And it was reprinted by Penguin some time ago (I think in the 80s) so it should not be hard or costly to find.

I'm a John Dickson Carr fan, and apart from his novels, he wrote some excellent short stories. 'The House in Goblin Wood' is an absolute masterpiece.
Pauline Rowson said…
Thanks, Martin. I have just ordered from my local book shop, The Hollow Man by John Dickson Carr, oh and The Coffin Trail by a writer called Martin Edwards - ever heard of him? I've been told his books are very good!

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