Now I Know Why Miss Marple Knits

Much of a writer's time is spent staring into space, thinking through the plot, the characters, the next chapter of his or her novel, and being a kind of busy person who hates wasting time I thought surely I can be doing something productive other than staring into space agonising over that next tricky bit of my novel? So I go for a walk around the shore and across the fields, I clean the house, make a cake, go sailing and all the time my little brain is working hard in another space, another place, another world. But best of all, especially when the weather is grim, I take up my knitting needles. And here I am on a boat with the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth in the background, knitting. This was taken for a charity publicity stunt in aid of merchant seamen, hence the woolly hat which, by the way, I didn't knit. Knitting is very therapeutic, great fun and you also end up with a tangible product at the end of it, even if my cardigans leave a lot to be desired ( which I DID knit.) Whilst my needles are clicking my brain is ticking. I am currently working on a woolly hat and leg warmers for the winter, and a chunky cardigan. Hope I get them all finished before next winter!

When I remember the name of the charity I'll put it up on the blog. It's slipped my mind for now.


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