Guest speaker, stormy weather and DI Horton revisions

Another stormy day on the south coast of England and another day of catching up with my writing, although I need a little sort out of the plot lines first. Nevertheless the next DI Horton is steaming along. I aim to finish this second draft by Christmas and then it will be revision time until, hopefully, it is ready in March.

I explained how I write my marine mystery crime novels yesterday at a charity lunch in aid of the Wessex Cancer Trust, which was held at The Concorde Club on the outskirts of Southampton. I was guest speaker and there was a good crowd there.  The lunch was splendid and at the last count they had raised £800 for the charity, which is great news.

I signed tons of books and introduced my novels to new readers.  I hope they enjoy them.

It is almost my final event before Christmas.  I have one more to undertake next week, and that is sharing my experiences of being an author with some senior school children who have an interest in and a talent for English.  Should be fun.  More on that later.  For now it's back to DI Andy Horton number six - I must think of a title for it soon!


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