Marine Mysteries

This is me with some hunky fire fighters from Red Watch, Southsea, reading my Marine Mystery thriller called In Cold Daylight, which is dedicated to fire fighters. My husband, Bob, was a fire fighter on Red Watch until two years ago when he had to retire because of a knee injury.
About my books
My first two crime novels were published in February 2006 after almost eighteen years of writing fiction.

In Cold Daylight is a thriller which features marine artist Adam Greene on a quest to discover why his best friend, Fire Fighter Jack Bartholomew was killed in a fire. Adam believes he was murdered.

Adam is married to Faye an ambitious advertising executive who works in London. Adam thinks he's happily married until he meets marine biologist Jodie Piers during his investigations into Jack's death. Adam soon finds himself caught up in a mysterious and dangerous web of deceit. He begins to unravel a secret that has lain dormant for years and one that someone doesn't want exposed. Danger and death beckon, but for Adam there is no turning back. He has to get to the truth even if it costs his life.

Tide of Death is a detective novel set in Portsmouth and introduces the hunky DI Andy Horton. Andy Horton is fit, thirty-eight and estranged from his wife, Catherine. Their marriage broke up after Andy Horton was accused of rape during an undercover investigation. Of course he didn't do it. Now exonerated he needs to find out who set him up and why. He also needs to fight for access to his eight-year-old daughter, Emma, whilst at the same time as trying to find a killer stalking the streets of Portsmouth!

My third marine mystery thriller is due out on 5 February 2007. It's called In For The Kill and is set on the Isle of Wight, in Portsmouth and Guernsey.
Alex Albury steps out of Camp Hill Prison on the Isle of Wight after serving just over three years for fraud and embezzlement only he wasn't guilty. A guy called James Andover framed him. But Alex doesn't know who Andover is or why he was framed. Alex is left with only one purpose in life: to clear his name. In order to do this he has to find James Andover and that leads him into BIG trouble. Soon Alex finds himself left with the option: to kill or be killed...

I am just finishing revising the second Andy Horton detective novel which is called Deadly Harbour and that is due to be published in February 2008.


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