My favourite crime novels

Discovered that someone other than me enjoys reading The Moving Toyshop by Edmund Crispin. It was listed on the Times Reader Chart by Jonathan Watt
So I thought I would list my favourite crime and thriller books. There are so many that I enjoy but here are the classics. I love the Golden Age of Crime novels written between 1930-1950. Does anyone else enjoy them?

The Silk Stockings Murders by Anthony Berkeley
Best selling novelist investigates the death of a so-called actress who was hanged with her own silk stocking. A classic from the golden age of crime.

Blood Upon The Snow by Hilda Lawrence
A sinister story full of power and suspense about the people who live in the eerie house on the hill. This 1946 classic is perfect for a winter’s night reading.

Dark Provenance by Michael David Anthony
An intriguing and well-written novel that leads back to the 1930s and the dark secrets of wartime conspiracies.

The Stranger House by Reginald Hill
Hill back on top form with a splendid tale of murder, betrayal and love.

Days Without Number by Robert Goddard
A thriller that involves exposing a terrible secret from the past.

The Singing Sands by Josephine Tey.
Who is the man in B7 on the train to Scotland and how did he die? Fellow traveller Inspector Alan Grant is compelled to investigate.


Pauline Rowson said…
Pleased to see that my top six books appeared in the Saturday Times on 13 January. My own book is due out on 5 February 2007. A new marine mystery called In For The Kill, I am delighted to see it in a Waterstone's and Borders three for two promotion. Next Saturday sees the beginning of my book tour with a signing in my own village on Hayling Island. I am really looking forward to getting out there again and meeting readers. It gets a bit nerve racking sometimes but it is so interesting to get feedback on what you have written and to hear how different readers view the characters. For more information on my book tour visit

I have also just received a copy of the Indonesian cover of In Cold Daylight and the accompanying publicity poster. Both look fantastic and it was quite something to see it translated into Indonesian. It will be published in Indonesia in March. Here's hoping for good sales in both countries.

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