I got all excited last night!

I was in Borders in Bournemouth ready to do my reading and book signing of my latest marine mystery, In For The Kill. Okay, so it wasn't the excitement you thought I was going to talk about but then life is full of disappointments. So what did set my heart thumping and my pulse racing? It couldn't be the fact that I was in Borders because whilst Borders UK stores are very large and very good at stocking a wide range of books, they aren't exactly aesthetically pleasing or stimulating, unless you count the coffee from Starbuks, or the head banging music in the DVD section - anyway where was I? Yes, excited.

The staff, bless them, had laid out thirty chairs, set up a table with a microphone for me (who were they expecting, I wondered?) and lo and behold three women were sitting there at 6.30pm. I was due to kick off at 7pm. I thought, they're keen and this is definitely better than Borders, Kingston upon Thames, but then anything was. But as the time drew near for my performance, and I made a beeline for the table, they all rose, said, 'Sorry. Just resting our feet,' and scuttled away! I have this effect on people.

But, I did not allow disappointment to set in, as I stared at the blank rows of chairs wondering what the hell I was doing this for. Mentally I was counting the minutes to when I could go home, when a photographer from the Daily Echo turned up. Great! At least I get some PR out of this. Smashing lady, took lots of pics, then went away just as my audience of one arrived. I knew that was all I was going to get, but she was a lovely lady, who did some writing herself. We had a good chat about writing and my books and she bought a book. So one sale.

My husband meanwhile was valiantly keeping a drunk away from me. Then a reporter from the Daily Echo arrived and interviewed me - yes! They're running a story on me and possibly a feature so a good result, from that point of view, and I signed 20 copies of In For The Kill so hopefully Borders will sell all of them. I also managed to find two Robert Barnard books on the crime shelf, so snapped them up. A result - two books bought, one sold.


Anonymous said…
I was that lady last night and have to thank you for my personal tutorial - certainly not what I had expected but greatly valued nevertheless. Shame Borders are so mean with their publicity that I'd had to search a measly flyer on the counter[with magnifying glass]to find anything about your talk.
I'm sure the drunk enjoyed your company too! Good to have met you!
Pauline Rowson said…
Very nice to have met you too. Good luck with your writing and hope you enjoy In For The Kill.

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