I have an idea!

Finished the ?nth rewrite of the new DI Andy Horton marine mystery which is called Deadly Harbour and which will hit the streets in March 2008. I hope my readers will be pleased with it and I know that they are eagerly waiting to see what happens to Andy and his estranged wife, Catherine. Will they get back together? Will Catherine allow Andy access to their eight year old daughter, Emma? Did Uckfield get promotion to Superintendent and the job to head up the major crime team, if so will he take Andy with him?

We're struggling though over the cover image for Deadly Harbour - when I've got something to show you, I will post it on the blog and invite comment.

Fans will be pleased to know that I am also two thirds of the way through the DI Andy Horton novel which will follow on from Deadly Waters. Not sure of the title yet, but it is going great guns. Will keep you posted on progress.

In for the Kill my latest marine mystery novel is selling well and sales are growing all the time, and what is equally pleasing to me is that readers seem to have discovered my previous thriller, In Cold Daylight, which despite no marketing is selling. It's a good thriller story and is based on a real life situation told to me by my husband who is an ex firefighter. For those who have e mailed me asking if I will write another Adam Greene novel then all I can say is - I have an idea!


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