London Book Fair and Marine Mysteries

Woke up last night with the 3am worries, you know when everything runs through your mind, and whatever you are thinking of gets blown out of all proportion. This time I was worrying if the poster that I have ordered for the panel on our exhibition stand at the London Book Fair would fit okay. Of course, I have checked and double checked it, but I couldn't help thinking I might have missed something vital.

The London Book Fair is at Earl's Court from Monday 16 April to Wednesday 18 April and my books, including the marine mysteries, will be on display. I have some very interesting meetings arranged with my agents from Germany and Brazil as well as one or two other people. And we are hosting a Meet The Author event and drinks reception on Tuesday 17 from 1pm to 4pm. A few people have promised to show up. I'm looking forward to it, and to hopefully doing some good business as well as promoting the books to the trade. Before that though, some more talks and book signings to undertake.

P.S. I'm very pleased to see that sales of In Cold Daylight are doing very well and all without any marketing. Perhaps it's because the readers of Tide of Death and In For The Kill have enjoyed those novels and are now looking for another of my books to read.


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