Shortbread and Americans

Been book-signing again today, this time Waterstone's in Petersfield, a market town in Hampshire, which is mentioned in my latest marine mystery, In For The Kill. Not a bad day, sold eleven books in two hours. Doesn't sound much, but hey, I'm not Dan Brown or Patricia Cornwell... yet! Met some lovely people, including an American who came here on holiday last year and loved Britain so much he has returned for good, and is applying for UK citizenship. He bought all three of my marine mysteries so I liked him even more!

The staff were fantastic, so friendly and helpful and it's a lovely little store, not as big as the usual Waterstone's because it was orginally Ottakar's which got gobbled up by Waterstone's. But they made sure I wasn't lonely and gave me shortbread biscuits and a bottle of water.


Margaret Hornby said…
Great to see you on Saturday. Good luck with all your book signings.

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