Take your pick!

We're having a bit of a dilema in choosing the jacket for the next DI Andy Horton novel, due out in March 2008. Comments, thoughts, views, welcome.

Option 1 above centre, Option 2 on the left, and Option 3 on the right. I know which one I prefer but would like to know what others think. Take your pick!
Below, is the back jacket blurb for Deadly Harbour:


When a woman is found brutally murdered and abandoned in Langstone Harbour DI Andy Horton is appointed to lead the investigation, but not for long, it seems, if Superintendent Uckfield, head of the newly formed Major Crime Team, has his way. Horton is given a week to find a killer before being shunted off the case. Overlooked for promotion and cold-shouldered by Uckfield, Horton now has a point to prove as well as a complex murder case to solve. Not only that, but a spate of antiques thefts plaguing the city of Portsmouth and pressure from his estranged wife add to Horton’s troubles. As he delves deeper into the investigation, aided by Sergeant Cantelli, the tension mounts. With the clock ticking and the stakes increasing daily, Horton is soon forced to make decisions that will put his life on the line, but he has no choice. He must solve this case no matter what the cost.
Hope that helps.


Hi Pauline,
It's option 1 for me ( as it looks easier to print ! ).
Glad to see sales are going well and we're all geared up for the reprint.
Thanks for the invite to your stand at the LBF. I'm there on the Tuesday amd Wednesday so look forward to meeting you.
emma said…
I like option 2!
Pauline Rowson said…
Thanks, keep the views coming. The winner will be announced on 29 March.
Scarlett said…
Sorry, just to muddy the (harbour) waters, I say Option 3!
Anonymous said…
I like version one.
Diana - New Zealand said…
I love your blog site. I like Option 1 out of the three covers you show.
Tina Mills said…
Well at first I thought No. 2, but then I thought No.1, because they are the picures I liked best. Having looked closer at No. 3, it looks (to me), more like a 'harbour' picture, so, No. 3!
Sam Wilcox said…
Hi - I like option 2! option 3 not creepy enough!
Scott Pack said…
Personally I would go for the image from 1 and the typography from 3.

Beware of pink text - blokes won't buy it.
Pauline Rowson said…
Good point about the blokes, Scott.
Allison K said…
Hi Pauline

I did prefer picture 3, but picture 1 looks more serious, threatening and deadly!

best wishes
Crime Reading Group - Lordshill said…
Hi Pauline The lordshill Crime Reading Group took a vote on your bookjackets - 6 votes for Option 3, 1 vote for option 1. hope this is useful!

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