Great News - Two book contract signed for new Marine Mysteries

I'm delighted to have just signed a publishing contract with Severn House Publishers who are going to publish the next two DI Andy Horton novels in hardback, trade paperback and large print.

They approached me at the London Book Fair after hearing nice things about my marine mysteries. The second Andy Horton marine mystery will be published in hardback in the UK on 27 September 07 and in the USA in January 2008. The trade paperback will follow in March 2008, so those of you who do not want to shell out on the hardback can wait until March to pick up the trade paperback which will be cheaper.

I retain translation, television and film rights, as well as mass market paperback rights, but this deal allows me to get a toe hold in the States, and also makes the books available to those who are visually impaired and need large print.

Severn House are looking at keeping the cover that was chosen as the best one out of the three designs I posted on this blog but the title of the book, Deadly Harbour, has to change. This is because in America, 'Harbour' is spelt differently than in the UK . The new title is Deadly Waters.

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