Andy Horton's country

Had an e mail from Juliet Doyle.

Thank you Juliet for the kind comments you made about my blog and I hope you enjoy my novels.
Juliet gave me an idea, why not put up some pictures of where I live on beautiful Hayling Island, and where some of my crime and thriller novels are set. So here they are. I live just 400 yards from a stunning nature reserve and coastal path with lots of rare flowers and birds.

So here's Hayling looking on to Langstone Harbour, the setting for my new Andy Horton detective novel due out in hardback on 27 September 2007, published by Severn House. In the centre of the picture you can just make out the mulberry where the body of a woman is discovered.

The photo below has been taken by the Hayling Ferry, which ploughs its way between Hayling South and the south eastern most tip of Portsmouth. It is a small ferry, that only takes passengers and cyclists. You board it from a pontoon to the right of this photograph.

The road you see here goes down into the sea and is a popular launching place for Jet Skiers. On the left is the Ferry Boat Inn, where you can enjoy a drink and food and watch the antics in the narrow harbour entrance. There is always something to see.

You can find more on Hayling on or
Hope you enjoy it. More on this later. Must get back to Andy Horton, who I've left delving into his past in a bid to find a killer...


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