I failed miserably

Yes, I let the side down. Blog action day for the environment and I was full of good intentions, but apart from registering my blog on their site, I did nothing. Worse still, I had to fly to Frankfurt for the Frankfurt Book Fair where I launched Deadly Waters on an unsuspecting international audience.

I was going to travel to Frankfurt by train then Flybe decided to put on flights from Southampton airport, and as that is only a twenty-five minute journey from my home it seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

I loathe airports though and flying, and seeing all those aeroplanes made me think that changing the light bulbs in your house, or turning off your computer or television instead of leaving them on standby was just p*****g in the wind when it comes to fighting the environmental battle. We might just as well not bother.

So I am definitely giving up flying. But that's only little me and with so many people travelling abroad on business and holidays, it won't stop. Can the air travel industry come up with more environmentally friendly planes? Will the impending fuel crisis change things? Or will people power finally win out? After all, who would have thought we would ever see smoking bans in offices, shops and now public places - hope for the planet yet? Maybe. And what about the car ... ah, that's another topic for another day!

Here I am showing off Deadly Waters at the Frankfurt Book Fair.


Juliet said…
Hi - glad to see your blog back up and running again. Hope that, despite your bruising experiences, the book fair was worth it all on balance . . .
Pauline Rowson said…
Thanks, Juliet. Bruise is fading nicely. Just got a knitting pattern for some great leg warmers, which will cover it nicely, and keep me warm as I sit pounding my keyboard creating crimes.

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