Fire-Fighters,Sheds and Polls

I'm privileged to have been asked to join the UK Fire Service Forum and I've duly posted my introduction piece. Carl, a fire fighter in Greater Manchester, runs the web site and has been a great supporter of my novels. It's a fantastic web site packed full of information for serving fire fighters and aspirational fire fighters. And why, might you ask have I joined such a grand bunch of lasses and lads? Well for those of you who have been reading my blog, you'd know by now that my thriller, In Cold Daylight, is based around the mystery of the tragic true story of fire fighters...

My little poll has now closed.
I invited people to cast their vote on the question of "will the e book ever replace the printed book?"

Here are the results:
Yes 11%
No 88%
The "NOs" have it.

Here's to Shedworking
Shedworking are running a competition on In Cold Daylight. To win a copy of In Cold Daylight you need to answer a simple question. No, I'm not saying what it is visit the Shedworking site and find out.


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