I'm on the telly again-well almost

On the right hand side of this blog you might see two small pictures of me talking to the lovely Raychel Harvey-Jones of Legal TV. The first clip is me talking about Deadly Waters and the second about In For The Kill. However, I think I've confused You Tube because when you click on the second little picture (if it appears at all) you might get a message that says, "this video has been removed". It's not for any dubious reason, I assure you, but the video was loaded onto You Tube, then re edited and re loaded, before being transferred to my blog, so I think I've confused the technical boys in the backroom. Please be rest assured we are doing everything we can to resume normal service as quickly as possible. In the meantime here is some music and the test card...
Confused? You probably are now. Better still, why not simply buy the book and then you can read it instead of listening to me prattle on about it!


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