Listen to the music - the songs they're singing

I've just been reading a post on one of my partner's in crime blog, Martin Edwards, who often gets asked the question - 'Do you listen to music whilst writing?' He says, yes, whereas I find it incredibly difficult to listen to music, unless my husband is playing jazz or classical music downstairs (very quietly) whilst I'm busy creating in my office upstairs. And it has to be non singing music otherwise I'm sunk. Just can't help singing along even if it is out of tune. I need to be completely with my characters and where they are, listening to the music inside their heads!

And talking of music, I gave a radio interview yesterday about my crime novels and writing, on Original 106, a radio station that is broadcast throughout Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight. Really enjoyed it and hope the listeners did too. Iain Meadows was the presenter whose show runs through the late afternoon and evening. I hope to be asked back ( if they'll have me!). Thank goodness they didn't ask me to sing otherwise I might have be banned for years!


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