The race is on!

The end of week one: The countdown begins to reach that final TOP TEN in Spread the Word World Book Day 2008, and already I'm chewing my nails. Goodness alone knows what I'll be like by the end of January almost ten weeks away. I probably won't have any fingers left! Had a missive from the World Book Day Spread the Word campaign today about how it's going. The first week of voting and two articles have appeared on it: Guardian Unlimited and The Bookseller, plus there's a piece on the BookTribes blog. As the Guardian article says not all the authors are actually 'hidden gems' some of them are already 'Names' so I'm up against the BIG BOYS now. Here are the links to the articles for those of you interested.,,2215448,00.html

Next week Classic FM in partnership with National Book Tokens will be covering the World Book Day Spread the Word site activity and encouraging participation. This support will continue right through until World Book Day.

Until yesterday evening, 22 November 2007, in its 'quiet launch week,' the site had 945 unique views and 1387 page views. Nearly 200 votes have been cast. Damn, I didn't manage to e mail 200 people so they can't all be for my book, but out of hundred titles, I reckon I had a fair amount! The first week’s winner of £100 of Book Tokens has been identified and contacted, so congratulations to Elaine in the North East…

And HUGE thanks to all of you who have voted for my book and taken the time to make some lovely comments on the site about it. The link to my book is just above this entry on the right hand side but in case you can't find it: here it is again.

I'll keep you updated. That is if they haven't carted me off to the funny farm by then with a nervous breakdown! Back to drumming up more votes!

Oh, and thanks to those who have voted on my poll.


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