Shedworking hero makes fiction hot list

Yes, Adam Greene of IN COLD DAYLIGHT fame has made it to the headline on the wonderful site . The World Book Day Spread The Word race to find THE Most Talked About Book 2008 is on and let's hope Adam, my reluctant hero in IN COLD DAYLIGHT, is in with a chance of getting into the Top Ten. If he wins then I have pledged to donate the £5,000 prize money to the Fire Service National Benevolent Fund, because In Cold Daylight is about fire-fighters and dedicated to fire-fighters and the inspiration for the thriller came from my husband, an ex fire-fighter.

Thanks also to Wightlink ferries, who have agreed to get behind Adam and steer him to safe harbour. A grand crew at Wightlink, and I had a fantastic day signing books on one of their ferries in May as it traversed the Solent to and fro the Isle of Wight.

Thanks also to all of you so far who have taken the time to vote and leave some lovely comments on the World Book Day spread the word web site You make this writer a happy person 'by the magic of your pen' (or rather that should be by a few strokes of the keyboard). Keep it going.


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