You're nicked!

Guilty as charged. I’ve finally joined the criminal class. No, I haven’t robbed a bank or joined the throngs of drunken teenagers pissing it up outside Tesco Express, I’ve become accepted as a member of the Crime Writers’ Association. And my qualifications for being admitted to these hallowed realms? Well, apart from my fourth crime novel Deadly Waters, being published in September, I’d say that my background was a contributory factor: running my own marketing company taught me how to concoct amazing stories around completely boring products, delivering workshops on understanding personality types to psychotic management helped me to see how devious people are, facing a real-life axe man threatening to smash me and the jobcentre I was working in at the time to tiny pieces showed me how to do fear, and being married to a fire-fighter who can do gory better than any forensic scientist have helped me to create my fearless detective, Harley Davidson riding and sailing hero, Andy Horton. And it’s my love of the sea, and the Solent in particular, that's inspired the setting for my Marine Mysteries: Tide of Death, In Cold Daylight, In for the Kill and Deadly Waters.

I look forward to rubbing shoulders with my fellow inmates of the CWA many of whom I have worshipped for years from afar.


Juliet said…
Hey, Congratulations!

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