For the miserable git in your life - the perfect Christmas Present

Had an e mail from a fervent supporter of my novels telling me that his first "proper book" is out now and in the shops for Christmas, so thought I'd better support him and besides knowing Scott ( sorry Steve) it really will be a very witty book, just right to make you chuckle over Christmas when everyone's fighting over the toys, the remote control for the TV and the booze, and moaning that it's all a load of b******* anyway. (Which reminds me I must write up some humourous aecdotes about my husband's Christmas's working in the fire service. )

It Is Just You, Everything’s Not Shit by Steve Stack is a guide to all things nice and is intended as an antidote to the spate of grumpy old men and other moaners in the media who reckon life sucks. It is a harmless bit of fun which will hopefully bring a smile to your face. and judging by the reviews on Amazon, seems to have suceeded. It started life as a blog which is still going strong:

So if you're looking for a present for the miserable git in your life then why not try this.

I could name a few people who would benefit from reading this book, candidates for the "Miserable Git Of The Year Awards" - now there's a thought maybe we should start a list?


Leigh Russell said…
With so many miserable old gits around, this sounds like a winner. At least, I'm sure it will sell well to people who buy for the miserable old gits. I suspect the miserable old gits themselves are quite attached to their miserable old gittiness... Let's hope this book converts some of them!
Pauline Rowson said…
You're absolutely right. We all know folk whose only pleasure in life is to moan like hell about anything and everything. Still, if it keeps them happy... Just don't want them around me, life's too short!

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