Twenty-One Days To Go!

Then all will be revealed. Has In Cold Daylight made it to the Top Ten of the World Book Day, Spread The Word Prize? Have I mustered enough votes to get through? It's nail biting time and I thought I'd reproduce here an article I wrote on how it feels as an author to be in the running for this prize. This article is published in a magazine called Book Time. It is a free publication and very professionally produced by the book wholesaler, Bertrams. You can pick up a copy in the UK from any independent book shop or from your local library. The Spread The Word article is on pages 28 and 29 where ten books are featured, including:

In Cold Daylight

“Before fire-fighter Jack Bartholomew can reveal the cause of his own – and his colleagues cancer- he is murdered and silenced forever. But in a cryptic message he orchestrated before his untimely death, he has left a trail of clues that will lead his best friend into a labyrinth of lies, secrets and government conspiracy.”

"Have I got any nails left? You may well ask.

Following the initial euphoria of having a title chosen for the long list I quickly realised that the coming weeks would become a form of slow torture seeing which novels would get the highest number of votes to go through to the TOP TEN and then ultimately the winner. The WBD STW web site featuring my thriller, In Cold Daylight, was duly added to ‘My Favourites,’ and has become compulsive, if not somewhat anxious web site viewing, as readers post comments. Talk about exposing yourself in public, this is worse than being on Dragons' Den! And as if that wasn’t enough, missives drop into your in box from the WBD people saying how many votes have been cast but naturally, you’re not told if any of them are for your book, or how far up (or down) the league table you are. Maybe I should simply relax and forget about it? But I can’t. Still, not long to wait now. Can my nails survive? Have I got enough blood pressure tablets left? But don’t let me make you feel guilty; even if you don’t vote for In Cold Daylight, I certainly hope you enjoy a thoroughly good read – whichever books you choose."

And how can I sign off without another plug? First though I would like to thank everybody who has voted for In Cold Daylight, it is very much appreciated. And a thank you to all who have left comments about In Cold Daylight on the World Book Day Spread the Word Web Site.

If by any chance In Cold Daylight does secure enough votes to win then I will be donating the £5,000 prize money to a very worthy cause - the National Fire Service Benevolent Fund. So there is still time to vote, go ahead - make my day!


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