I got more than I bargained for!

I was invited to attend the Independent Publishers Guild Awards dinner last Saturday at the De Vere Grand Hotel Brighton, and got more than I bargained for - Flu!

Because writing is such a solitary occupation, (apart from the talks in libraries and to other groups) I have got out of the habit of mixing with large crowds and you can bet your bottom dollar that when I attend a large gathering like the IPG dinner or the London or Frankfurt Book Fairs I come home with a cold or some other kind of virus. Thankfully, I feel better today, more like my energetic self after four days of feeling yuc not to mention being highly p***** off. Now all I need to do is get rid of the hacking cough and things might be back to normal. That will teach me to go out gallivanting.

But back to the IPG Awards. Despite some generous soul passing on his or her flu germs it was a very pleasant evening, though I must say that old age must be creeping up on me - or is that galloping? - because with a couple of hundred people all talking at the top of their voices I could hardly hear myself think let alone speak. This is an event where Independent Publishers get to pat themselves on the back, and rightly so. It's a very tough world out there for Independent Publishers. I was very sorry to hear that The Friday Project had gone into liquidation, but hope that some of its authors will find new and suitable homes for their books with other publishers who are bidding for them.

My congratulations go to Emma Barnes of Snowbooks for winning Bertrams THE Trade Publisher of the Year. Emma's vitality, enthusiasm and commitment to publishing is heartening - and she's a very nice person too! My commiserations go to the wonderful Summersdale Publishing team who also thoroughly deserved to win. OK, so call me biased (Summersdale publish my e books and audio books) but Stewart, Alistair and his gang have built up a very successful business. They are creative, fun and have been an incredible help to me over the years. They're a great bunch and I am sure next year will take the crown.

And finally thanks to the ever efficient Bridget and Carolyn of the IPG who organise these wonderful events. See you at the London Book Fair.


EmmaB said…
Thanks for your kind words - but I couldn't agree more about Summersdale. They helped me out more than any other when Snowbooks was starting up, and continue to be role models and mentors. And their business is going from strength to strength. Real publishing heroes.

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