If you wish to be a writer...

Then get yourself down to the the Winchester Writers' Conference , held at the University of Winchester, Hampshire. This wonderful conference is an astounding opportunity for writers, new and experienced, to brush up their skills, listen to author talks and learn new techniques, as well as providing the chance to meet agents and publishers.

I have attended the conference many times, and have given talks there. You can also enter your work for writing competitions, disappointing if you don't win, I know, but each writer receives a critique of their work, so hugely valuable. It was winning one of these competitions myself when I first penned Inspector Horton that told me I was at last on the write lines, oh OK, right lines.

I have met many agents there, some who were very enthusiastic about my work, others who rudely told me they couldn't stand it and not to waste their valuable time! Well boo sucks to them! I've also met some great authors including the wonderful Colin Dexter, who is giving the keynote speech this year. He's a truly lovely man, a very entertaining speaker and a great writer.

There are week long workshops and mini workshops held from Friday evening to Sunday morning on a range of topics including: building your characters, generating ideas, how to write comedy for television radio and magazines, finding your style, writing children's stories, thrillers and short stories, and much, much more. The week long workshops run from 30 June to 4 July 2008 and the festival and book fair from 27 -29 June 2008. It's well worth a visit even if you can only spare the time to go for the Saturday.


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