Phew- some good book reviews!

Here I am again this time at The London Book Fair where I launched the publication, in hardback, of my latest Marine Mystery featuring my detective, Inspector Horton. I am pleased to say that The Suffocating Sea has received some positive reviews from the American press (now would I tell you if it had received grim reviews???)

It has been hailed as being full of ‘unexpected twists,’ ‘a gripping suspense-filled murder case,’ and an ‘entertaining read in an engaging series for British procedural fans.’ So I am quite pleased. But as always I want to do better and make each book stronger and more gripping than the last one. What writer wouldn't? And I think that once a book is published the author always feels he or she could have improved it.

The Suffocating Sea is set in Portsmouth, England and is the third in the Inspector Horton series and my fifth crime novel to be published since 2006.

Here they are in order:
The Inspector Horton Marine Mysteries
Tide of Death (paperback)
Deadly Waters (hardback)

My thrillers:
In Cold Daylight (paperback)
In For The Kill (paperback)

I have been told that Deadly Waters is being published in paperback at the end of May, and as an audio book in June. I'll keep you posted. Now back to the fifth Inspector Horton marine mystery, which I am just revising for the final time (I hope)!


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