The show's over

Back from the London Book Fair and recovering my breath, and my voice! Three days of talking in an air-conditioned hangar plays havoc with the vocal chords. And I must have drunk half a reservoir in the process. It was good fun though and I was delighted to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones.

The seminar on how to pitch to TV and film producers, run by Julian Friedmann of Blake Friedmann Literary, TV and Film Agency, was fascinating if a little disheartening. I, and many authors in the packed room with me, discovered that we had about as much chance of getting our work on to the small or large screen as we did of winning the lottery! In fact, we probably have more chance of winning the lottery. And as for those seeking an Agent for their unpublished manuscript - well the message was loud and clear, forget it love - their client lists are full. With publishers not accepting unsolicited material you might as well take up missionary work in some far flung corner of the world.. or in Liverpool or Manchester. It would probably pay more and be far more rewarding. But hey, come on, my message to budding writers is never give up. Don't let the doom and gloom merchants grind you down. Instead, take a note from my hero's book, dear old Del Boy - "he who dares wins!" And I might just have a go at this pitching thing later. It will be fun if nothing else.

I had some very good meetings with publishers, agents and distributors, as well as meeting some very interesting people with bright new ideas, more on that later once I've waded through my contacts lists and meeting notes.

Four days without writing has left me hungry for my computer and eager to get back to Andy Horton and my marine mysteries. I love writing. Am passionate about it. It's an obsession and great fun. And that's one of the reasons why I write. The other is to (hopefully) give pleasure to other people and entertain. So here's to writing! And here's to the coast and the lovely Langstone Harbour. It's good to be home.


crimeficreader said…
It was good to meet you and your hubbie, Pauline. So pleased it was a good fair for you.

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