What a great group

Last week I ran a course at Sinah Warren Holiday Centre on Hayling Island on "Writing a Novel". I thoroughly enjoyed it and so too did my students (or so they told me) some of them are pictured here with me. I'm the one with the pen in her hand! We had some stimulating discussions about writing novels and the business of publishing and being an author. They were a lovely group. Thanks guys for making tutoring you a very pleasurable and motivating experience.

Following the course I gave a talk and book signing to other guests at Sinah Warren where I met some of my faithful readers and some new readers. Colin and Marie Telford of The Hayling Island Book Shop organised the event and were on hand to sell my books. Apart from me mislaying my mobile phone and having a panic attack about it, and then it being found and handed into reception, it was a good day finishing off a highly productive and successful week.


Anonymous said…
Just want to thank you again for the course Pauline. It has given me so many ideas and really motivated me. PLEASE DO ANOTHER ONE NEXT YEAR!!!
I've also read Tide of Death over the weekend and already looking in bookshops for Andy Hortons next adventure. I can't thank you enough for the course, it came at just the right time for me. Gail
Pauline Rowson said…
Really glad you enjoyed it. Get writing, keep going and NEVER stop.
Deadly Waters (the second Andy Horton crime novel) will be out in paperback at the end of April, but if you can't get it in the bookshops it can be bought on line at Amazon. It's on there now. Very best of luck with your writing and I'll see if I can persuade Sinah Warren to do a follow up.

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