Celebrations all round, well for Pompey fans anyway, because Portsmouth have just won the FA Cup. Yes!!! Though I was banned from watching it because I'm known as a jinx in my family when it comes to football. So I sat at my keyboard, wearing my Pompey T-Shirt, listening to the shouts, screams and sighs coming from the lounge, working on my next Inspector Horton Marine Mystery with my fingers crossed - no mean achievement that. I've probably given myself an early onset of arthritis. But well done Harry and well done boys. Great to see the Cup coming south. The last time Pompey won it was in 1939 and then we had World War II. Let's hope that's not an omen. Look forward to the victory parade tomorrow. Andy Horton will be there of course with Sergeant Barney Cantelli. And I hope my brother-in-law in Singapore recovers from his hangover soon.


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