Who needs Mallorca on a day like this?

Yes, summer has finally arrived and Hayling Island is looking absolutely perfect - sea, sun and well I'll leave the rest to your imagination. There were people on the beach today, and I even saw a brave soul swimming. Isn't it great to ditch those coats and cardies and revel in the warmth, but knowing the Brits we'll probably all be complaining soon that it's too hot!

One of my relations, Miranda Giles, has started a fantastic new blog so I thought I would give her a plug here. She's set herself a challenge to paint 30 pictures in 30 days and today's painting couldn't have captured the moment better. Well done, Miranda. Her Dad's a great painter too!

I'm off to Christchurch Library, in the beautiful county of Dorset on Thursday where I will be giving a talk about my marine mysteries. I'm looking forward to it and it has the added bonus of being able to drive through the lovely New Forest. I've also just heard that I am to do another book signing on the Wightlink Ferry from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight on Friday 30 May, - yes, all day, back and forth. Organised by The Hayling Island Book Shop it was great fun last time. Let's hope for a calm sea, and if you fancy a day on the ocean wave, you're welcome to join me.


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