From Powerpoint to Paperback

Yesterday I was invited to talk at a businesswomen’s networking lunch sponsored by solicitors Warner Goodman in aid of the magnificent and worthwhile charity, Kids. My talk was on my unusual route from businesswoman to best selling crime writer and how I apply my marketing and PR skills to the business of being an author. For many years I ran a marketing agency, have been a professional trainer and public speaker and publisher, all of which come in very handy in the field of being an author.
It was a great lunch and they were fantastic women, with two men present, Bob, my husband, and Matt, the marketing and fundraising executive from Kids.

Kids was established in 1970 by John Mulcahy, a teacher who became concerned about the development of a disabled child in one of his classes. John wanted to improve communication with this child and sought guidance from the child's mother. This in turn established the Kids ethos of working in partnership with parent and carers to enable disabled children and young people to develop their skills and abilities and to fulfil their potential, hopes and aspirations. Over the past 37 years Kids has supported many children and is now considered the UK’s leading charity promoting the inclusion of disabled children into mainstream society. The charity delivers an extensive range of services to over 6,000 disabled children and their families. To find more about Kids you can visit their web site at


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