Murder Mystery Evening

I've just returned from a meeting with Portsmouth Library to discuss the final planning for the Murder Mystery evening to be held this Friday. It sounds as though it is going to be great fun. Tickets were sold out almost immediately and there is a waiting list for the next one! So well done Portsmouth Library. I'm looking forward to it. They'll be Pimms on the balcony after the event and time for guests to buy signed copies of my books if they wish. I only have a very small part to play in the drama which has been written by Donna Tebbs, one of the library staff who also happens to be a professional actress and a member of Equity. She organises and runs many of these murder mystery evenings so is something of an expert. This is the first time Portsmouth Library have run this. Will let you know how it goes, hopefully with lots of photos.

A hot day here on the South Coast of England with a lovely clear blue sky. It makes such a change that I felt I just had to remark upon it. Summer at last? I think not. It's all change apparently on Thursday, but then that's a typical British summer - two fine days and thunderstorm.

Just caught the news, there's been a whirlwind on the Isle of Wight on the beautiful Brading Down-I don't believe it! Inspector Horton is on the Isle of Wight at the moment, in the book I'm currently writing, solving another complex murder - of course.


ian said…
Sounds as though the "Murder Mystery " evenings will be a great success. Maybe you should put the details of any future ones on
Pauline Rowson said…
Many thanks for that, Ian. Have looked at the web site. It seems a great idea and I will certainly put my events on there in the future.

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