Sad News for Publishing News

PUBLISHING NEWS, THE book trade weekly magazine, is to cease publication. The issue of Friday July 25th will be the last. The news has just popped into my in box. The statement says that the publication, founded in 1979, has been hit by the same problems that have affected all magazines and newspapers, as advertisers have shifted increasing proportions of their spend to online and direct sales. See story here I have worked with Publishing News for about the last ten years and will miss them. Good luck to the editorial staff and I hope to see them in the book trade elsewhere.

That leaves the Bookseller magazine with a clear field in the UK. I've been trying to renew my subscription to this for a week without success. Nobody bothers to return my calls or e mails, so are they next??? I doubt it, they seem to be doing well, but you'd think they'd be hotter off the mark to retain their readers.

I caught a little snippet in the Daily Telegraph yesterday, a newspaper which seems to delight in telling us all how badly off we are. In an article on how to save money one of their tips was to 'never buy another book!!!' That would be another industry down the drain not to mention the pleasure reading gives so many of us. OK, so we can borrow from the library and swap books but that still means someone has to BUY the book in the first place. Perhaps they should apply this to their newspaper - never buy another newspaper, we might all feel a little happier then. And if we really want to read the news we can always do so on line.


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