Shed of the Year- Needs Your Vote

You might think at first sight that this post has nothing to do with writing and my marine mysteries, but read on. My blogging mate, Alex Johnson of Shedworking was good enough to support me and my thriller IN COLD DAYLIGHT when it was on the shortlist for the World Book Day Prize, by encouraging visitors to his fantastic blog to vote for it in an online poll. He also ran a competition around it. Why? Because the hero in In Cold Daylight works from a shed in his garden. So now Alex has asked me a favour to bring to your attention a rather quirky competition where people are being asked to VOTE for the SHED OF THE YEAR. OK, so it's a bit weird but if you take a moment to look at the entries you'll be amazed and inspired. It's fun, and this kind of thing demonstrates the quirkiness of the Brits in all their glory. Bring on the eccentrics is what I say. And let's face it we all need to smile about something when the media is full of doom and gloom. So grab a coffee or tea, and have a good nose around other people's sheds-it's almost as good as watching Location, Location!


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