Researching the new marine mystery crime novel

Researching for the new DI Andy Horton novel took me to the beautiful Isle of Wight today - any excuse to enjoy that lovely Island's walks. This will be the second novel set primarily on the Isle of Wight. In For The Kill, a stand-alone thriller is also set there, as well as in Portsmouth, Petersfield and Guernsey.
In In For The Kill, Alex Albury, newly released from Camp Hill Prison on the Isle of Wight, after serving a sentence for fraud and embezzlement, sets out to discover who framed him and in his quest for revenge finds himself being hunted by the police and a dangerous killer. It is a fast-paced, action packed thriller.

This is a photo of Sandown Bay courtesy of photo galleries. And it looked just like this today because lo and behold we had a summer's day at last! Yes, it's true there was a big, bright, round thing in the sky that, if I recall, is called the sun, and it shone. The beach was packed with holiday makers and day-trippers. But I didn't join them. Too busy walking and working - of course! Now I am absolutely shattered after an eight mile walk and not sure how much research I actually did. Still, just soaking up the atmosphere helps. Well, that's what I tell myself. And as this crime novel is also set in Sweden and Luxembourg maybe a trip to Europe is called for?

Finally, must tell you I saw a RED squirrel today. Fortunately the Isle of Wight has not been overrun by the grey variety. Now back to the computer and work.


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