Your Favourite Word

In September, The Portsmouth News, my local daily newspaper, will run a poll to discover the News Reader's Favourite Word. People will be able to nominate their own favourites and a voting process will then take place. People associated with the Havant Literary Festival of which I am a speaker on 27 September, have been asked for their favourite word and a line explaining why. Last night when I couldn’t sleep I started thinking about my favourite word or rather words and here are some of them:

Creativity – because it helps us find solutions to problems
Determination – because without it you will achieve so little in your life
Persistence – because it is easy to give up when you might be so close to victory
Compassion – because without it you and society are doomed
Kindness – because it costs so little and makes such an enormous difference
Understanding – because it opens the door to loving and to living a more rewarding life.

I could go on. And I am sure readers of this blog will have their own favourite words. If you do have please leave a comment to let me and others know what it is and why you chose it. And now I’ve got to choose one word – what shall it be? I need to ponder this for a while...


L.J. Sellers said…
Concomitant used to be my favorite word until I read that it was Ted Bundy's favorite word too. At the moment I'm partial to omnifarious.
Pauline Rowson said…
Like it - rolls off the tongue beautifully. Pauline.

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