Terry Pratchett Comes To Hayling Island

On Saturday 13 September, the mighty Terry Pratchett is to grace this small Island off the South Coast of England (Hampshire) with his presence. He comes to us courtesy of our only bookshop, The Hayling Island Bookshop.

It is all part of his publicity tour to launch his new novel, Nation. He is signing copes of his book in the smallest bookshop in England, Hayling Island, and in the largest bookshop, Waterstone's, Piccadilly on the same day. A helicopter is to bring him here and then fly him to London about eighty miles from Hayling.

Over 200 tickets have been sold but many more people than 200 will show up. I shall be on hand to help Colin and Marie Telford, who own the bookshop, and who have been very supportive of me and my books which are set in the Solent area. And given that our little village is just that, 'little' I'm not sure where everybody will go! Still, the deli next door to the bookshop should do well with their coffees to go. Hopefully, I'll get some photographs and will post them here on my blog.

Numbered ticket holders will go through first then the Bookshop will call off as many as they can from the first come first served queue. So you'd better queue early if you want to see Terry Pratchett. And just so that you know, there is only one road on to our Island, so it could be pretty busy. Failing that you would need to travel to Portsmouth and catch the small ferry across Langstone Harbour on to Hayling. Me? I shall probably walk from my home to the village - about forty minutes on the Hayling Billy Coastal Path. So if you fancy walking folks, or cycling there's always that option, but then it depends on where you're travelling from. If you're coming , don't forget to say 'hello' to me. And if you can't get a signed copy of one of Terry's books then you can always buy one of mine. OK, so it might not be quite the same thing, or the same genre, but who knows one day it could be highly sought after. Here's hoping. I'll just go and order my helicopter.

The full News Release is available at http://www.terrypratchett.co.uk/news/#NationSignings.


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