Injured Fire Fighter's Appeal

This may at first seem a strange entry for my blog but bear with me. My husband is a former fire fighter of Red Watch, Southsea. Every day when he was working I would wonder if I would see him again, or if he would be injured at work. Thankfully he came through his career with minor injuries after many heroic acts helping to save lives, both human and animal. Many other fire fighters have not been so fortunate. Recently one fire fighter was seriously injured in the line of duty, he suffered 50% burns, and I would like to do something to help him and his family.

My thriller IN COLD DAYLIGHT, is dedicated to fire fighters and was inspired by a true and tragic story which I heard on the Watch one day about the high number of fire fighters contracting cancer. I took this idea and weaved it into a fast–paced thriller, which was shortlisted for the World Book Day Prize 2008. So I thought why not combine this book with a fund raising idea where I and others can help if they wish. Before I explain how though, first more about this unfortunate and brave fire fighter.

On the night of Monday the 23rd June 2008, Steve Morris from Green Watch, Bolton, along with Green Watch Farnworth, attended a fatal incident in which three fire fighters received burns, one seriously. Steve Morris remains in hospital, having received 50% burns. A special web site has been set up to record Steve’s progress and the views, feelings and support of his family, friends and colleagues.

To help raise money for the The Fire Fighters Charity and in particular for The Steve Morris Appeal - here's the deal.

For every new copy of IN COLD DAYLIGHT sold (rather than second hand or used copies because sales aren’t recorded on these) between 13 October 2008 and 31 December 2008 purchased by whatever means bookshop or on line (you can buy at your local bookshop or get them to order you a copy if they don’t have it in stock, or you can buy through Amazon or any other on line bookshop) I will donate £1.00 per copy towards The Steve Morris Appeal. As Christmas will soon be looming perhaps you would like to buy a copy for yourself, your friends, relatives and/or families and encourage other people to buy. So far £2,800 has been raised and the target is £5,000. So come on guys let’s spread the word and help Steve and other injured fire fighters.

Here's some blurb about In Cold Daylight:

IN COLD DAYLIGHT is a hard hitting thriller inspired by a tragic true story of fire-fighters killed in the line of duty and a potential cover up over their deaths. Unravelling Rowson’s cryptic clues in this fast-paced, atmospheric novel, is like playing a thrilling game of ‘pass the parcel’. After unexpected twists, you peel off the layers of literary wrapping, which eventually uncover the mystery. But instead of featuring a brave fire-fighter hero, Rowson has chosen to tell the story through the eyes of a man who is the opposite. This is marine artist, Adam Greene's journey through overcoming depression, a nervous breakdown and leaning on the prop of his strong-willed, ambitious wife as much as discovering why his best friend, Jack Bartholomew was killed in the line of duty. The fact that she has decided to tell this real life mystery and her fast paced writing is what makes this new writer so original. ”

And some background on the The Fire Fighters Charity

Every 30 seconds in the UK, fire fighters are called to an incident, putting their lives on the line, and often sustaining physical injuries whilst carrying out their duties. The Fire Fighters Charity is for fire fighters during their times of need, and assists over 11,000 individuals every year, by providing pioneering treatment and support services. It costs over £9 million every year to keep the Charity running, and with no government funding, the charity is completely reliant upon donations from the fire general public and fire community. Want to find out more? Visit Charity Registration No 1093387

I hope some of you might be able to help. I'll keep you posted on how it's going.


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