Publishing Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the publishing quiz I devised after attending a Society of Authors panel event on 6 October 2008. On the panel were Jonny Geller, Managing Director of the agency Curtis Brown; Alexandra Pringle, the Editor-in-Chief of Bloomsbury Publishing, (they of Harry Potter fame), and Graham Rand, Commercial Director of the book wholesalers, Bertrams/THE. He is also President of the Booksellers Association. So who said what?

1. ‘If a publisher wishes to back a book with money then we’ll get behind it more.’

2. ‘EPOS is a nightmare. People can’t lie anymore.’

3. ‘The Author has to become a Brand.’

4. ‘Choice is based on personal taste. If you’ve got enough people who like it in house then we’ll take it on.’

5. ‘Publishers will get hit in the recession and will have to put up prices (of books) and/or work hard with the distributors to change prices.’

6. ‘There is a lack of choice. Publishers are only chasing Big Brands.’

7. ‘Publishing is a mature market and self publishing can’t compete in it.’

8. ‘None of us know what we’re doing; if we did we’d be more successful.’

So there you have it, and I’m sorry to say that nobody came up with the correct answers, so my FREE copy of In Cold Daylight stays on my shelf for now.


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