Winkle Brig Comes Home

Yes, our dear little Winkle Brig, Nutmeg, is back home on our driveway once again. We are still looking to sell her but the broker who was handling the sale didn’t really come up with the goods. It’s a long story and I won’t bore you with it, but it seemed more sensible to bring Nutmeg back and sell her ourselves.

I used Nutmeg, or rather the Winkle Brig, in Tide of Death Deadly Waters and The Suffocating Sea my marine mystery crime series featuring my detective, DI Horton. Horton lives on board his boat after being thrown out of the marital home by his ambitious wife, Catherine. He’d been accused of raping a girl whilst on an undercover operation.

In Tide of Death, the first in the Horton series, he’s back in Portsmouth CID, after evidence against him has broken down, but his marriage is wrecked and Catherine is refusing him access to his daughter. And that’s not all Horton has to put up with, but on the second day of his return to work he stumbles over the naked body of a man on Southsea beach. And so begins the chase to find a killer who will stop at nothing to cover his tracks, whilst at the same time Horton is desperately trying to clear his name and struggling to reconcile his marriage.

In Deadly Waters Horton’s still living on board Nutmeg but in The Suffocating Sea, the third in the series, his boat falls victim to villains.

The Winkle Brig is a pretty boat, full of character, so if anyone would like to give her a good home please e mail or telephone 07968 085612.

Winkle Brig Gaff Rig Number 103, Circa 1995 with a 4 HP Mariner four stroke outboard engine. On a trailer. A lovely little boat, some rot at the base of the wooden mast, otherwise in good condition. Offers in region of £6,000.


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