Christmas is going to the dogs

A nice little article popped into my in box this morning courtesy of Entertainment4media news wire and it made me smile, so I thought I'd pass it on. It's not related to writing, or my marine mysteries or crime novels, but it's highly topical because it's about the office Christmas party, which is obviously why it was sent out now. This little snippet of news might very well have been covered on the radio or TV by now, but here is the link to 'New Survey says we all hate the Work Christmas Party' and below just a little taster.

"Lovers of the annual office knees up were in the minority as almost a third of those polled declared they actively hate it and over 40% said they just plain don’t care. The biggest turn off is having to socialise with people with whom we have nothing in common (43%), so probably no surprise that over a third (36%) said they find the whole experience a bore and feared getting stuck with the office nerd (33%). The social pressure to be witty, entertaining and glamorous was also evident with one in five saying they felt out of place and hated having to dress up. Office do’s were also big causes of ‘red faces’ with nearly a quarter of partygoers telling someone exactly what they think of them, one in five ending up snogging the boss or a colleague and the biggest embarrassment - “doing a David Brent” and dancing like an idiot (41%)."

I bet you're laughing already! And there's more. Thank you to who conducted the survey amongst 1000 office workers in the UK (Nov 2008) on behalf of the British Greyhound Racing Board and to Seb Thompson/Karen Abrams at freerange for passing it on. And guess what? Yes, it's given me a lovely idea for a marine mystery particularly as we have a greyhound racing stadium in Portsmouth where my crime novels are set!


Logan Lamech said…
We'll be looking forward to that one.

Logan Lamech

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