Phew! That's a relief

I'm happy. Why? Because my editor has just e mailed me to say how much she enjoyed my as yet unpublished new Marine Mystery DEAD MAN'S WHARF. This is the fourth Marine Mystery to feature my flawed and rugged detective DI Horton. This means there are no revisions- yippee! Why am I so pleased? Because if I have to revise one part of the book then it usually has an impact on the rest of the novel and you feel as though you are having to start writing it all over again. So, DEAD MAN'S WHARF has gone straight to copy-edit stage and will be published in the UK in hardback at the end of April 2009.

And, in case you've lost track of the DI Horton Marine Mystery Crime Series, here's a re-cap:
1. Tide of Death (paperback)

2. Deadly Waters (hardback, trade paperback - that's the larger size paperback at £10.99, Large Print, Audio Book)

Deadly Waters will be published as the smaller mass market paperback on 2 April 2009 at £6.99. Look out for more news and the new jacket cover here.

3. The Suffocating Sea (hardback)

The Suffocating Sea will be published in trade paperback size ( the larger paperback size @ £10.99) at the end of January 2009. It will also be published as an audio book some time in 2009.

NEW -Dead Man's Wharf will be published in hardback at the end of April 2009.

Then there are also my two thrillers:

In Cold Daylight (paperback)
In For The Kill (Paperback)

So with Christmas coming it's the perfect opportunity to curl up with a Marine Mystery.


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